MOCA Taipei-Ni Youyu "Constant Dropping Wears Away A Stone"
2015-12-15 Period    

-Exhibition Date: 2015/12/26Sat.-2016/2/14Sun.

-Exhibition Venue: MOCA STUDIONo. 39 Chang An West Road, Taipei City

-Official web:

About the artist

Ni Youyu was born in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China in 1984. He graduated from the Fine Art College, Shanghai University in 2007, and was awarded "Best Young Artist" of Contemporary Chinese Art Award (CCAA), China in 2014. His artistic creation integrates Eastern and Western philosophical views and aesthetic ideals, and often centers on nature, time, and traditional culture. His subject matter ranges from the eternal universe and stars to the contemporary mundane world, incorporating his contemplation and thinking about time and space.