Li Hui : Light Lines:Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna
2012-10-18 Period    

V, 2011, Laser, mirror and smog,Variable Dimension

Light Lines:Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst Unna

This year the Centre for International Light Art celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a jubilee exhibition in which all works of art will show light in the shape of light lines. Sometimes this happens by means of laser lights, sometimes by an interactive projection, or by hundreds of slim elastic bands that are strained between the ceiling and the floor. The exhibition should offer to the visitor not just the possibility of looking at the works of art, but also to experience them. The installation “Plane Scape” can be entered – the visitor will become part of it. The artwork “Convergenze Parallele” will only be fully visible when the spectator plays an active role with dust particles. And one becomes absorbed by energy, when observing the installation “V”, that consists of innumerable laser beams.The borders between reality and the unreal, the materialistic and immaterial, and between movement or the suggestion of movement become blurred. The visitor will be grabbed by a secretive and elusive world consisting of light lines. The exhibition Licht Linien - (un)wirklich | Light Lines - (un)real shows artworks by young and renowned artists from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, the USA and China, who partly designed their installations specifically for Unna. They explore the borders of what is possible with light. Light goes through revolutionary developments. It stands on the threshold of becoming entirely digitalized. This has its impact on the artists as well as on their works, which also forms a central aspect of this jubilee exhibition.