Miao Xiaochun : Road trip: Chinese Contemporary Public Art Exhibition
2012-10-18 Period
Miao Xiaochun, Restart, 2008-2010, 3D Computer, 14’22”

Road trip: Chinese Contemporary Public Art Exhibition, exhibition in Kassel

 'Road trip, co-sponsored by the National Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Kassel, Germany, the municipal government and relevant academic institutions: Chinese contemporary public art exhibition 'opened in the German cultural city of Kassel. exhibition will continue until February 2013.

The exhibition is an important visual arts projects of the Chinese Culture Year held in Germany in 2013, the exhibition of large-scale works by 21 / group works on display, including sculptures, installations, performances and other forms of new media, 22 exhibitors artists are active young artists in China, which also includes several young Chinese contemporary artists. exhibits prominently located in the center district of Kassel, and thus allow the Chinese contemporary art into the life of the Western audience. space.