Subodh Gupta : 2013 Solo Exhibiton at Kunstmuseum Thun, Switzerland
2013-02-08 Period    

Subodh Gupta's Solo Exhibition

Kunstmuseum Thun

16th of February - 28th of April 2013

In close collaboration with Subodh Gupta (*1964, lives and works in Delhi/India) Kunstmuseum Thun shows the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in Switzerland. Besides works specially created for the exhibition, noted monumental works will also be on display. They emphasise very different aspects of Gupta’s work. In its variety of media, comprising sculpture, painting and video, his work is deeply rooted in the traditional rural and religious Indian society. As base material for his sculptures, the artist often uses and combines objects used in daily life, such as dishes, ceramic vessels or bicycles. In the process, atmospheric images of a socially, economically and culturally complex society emerge. Gupta’s oeuvre encompasses the conflict field of global and traditional values and points to their modification or even loss in a rapidly growing industrial society.