2013-05-09 Period


Kohei Nawa's outdoor sculpture, MANIFOLD open at the Sculpture Garden in front of SHINSEGAE CHUNGCHEONG DEPARTMENT STORE.

Celebrating its completion in June, over two years of work the large scale outdoor sculpture, “Manifold” finally be open to public in Cheonan, Korea.
In prior, the Manifold Documentary Exhibition which features the whole process of Manifold production in dynamic, as well as introducing SANDWICH and their activities opend at ARARIO GALLERY CHEONAN.

“Information, material and energy” as its theme, this large scale sculpture “Manifold (signifies having many different forms, or an assembly of multiple pipes)” is created by randomly placing the spheres (cell) formedwith digital clay in virtual 3D space, and with gravity that frequently occurred from many different layers (the characteristic of this process is that Nawa himself participates in this creation physically by using a special tactile device, and not by the modeling program of algorithm).

It began from the 3D format data created at SANDWICH in Kyoto, and processed at several locations such as in Shenzhen (China) for cutting out the prototype and aluminium casting, and in Cheonan (Korea) for construction, welding, polishing and coating.As to cover the steel frame structure, over two hundred aluminium parts were joined together seamlessly by welding, followed by polishing and coating to complete.

The large scale public art, 13m in height, 16m in width and 12m in depth, of a breathtaking spectacle that associates with digital (calculation and structure) and analog (material and technique) accomplished the goal in establishing a new statement of sculpture with great impact to our sensitivity after over a year and a half of such challenging work.

The undefined volume of energy that expands in diverse while each cells are led to merge will make a remarkable appearance in downtown of Cheonan.